Thursday, June 11, 2015

Big doin's

We've been busy little campers here for the last month.  Insane hours to get stuff out the door.  It's all about MVW cabs, on top of our regular production stuff of flatpacks and miscellaneous parts that we build for BFM and Greenboy cabs.

8 cabs to Stanford.  EpiGenetic D15, the new Flyboy install cab, a pair of EpiGenetic 5's and a pair of GC25ACH.  They're going to evaluate all of them in various capacities around campus. 

EpiGenetic D15

And you saw the EpiGenetic 5's in the previous blog.

5 cabs to a potential new dealer.  It was a huge crush to get these out the door. 
2 GC25 ACH
2 GC28
and the new monster, the GC210
I didn't have time to take real pictures of it.  Here's a crappy cell phone pic

Big happenings around here.  It's all coming together finally.  I'm taking a couple of days off and heading to the lake.  Completely burned out, need a recharge 

On a bittersweet note, Sam, my son is moving to Seattle.  We plan at some point to get him setup to do mfg out there.   But it will be a while.  I'm very excited for him, and also sad to have him so far away.  In the meantime, I have quite a few options for getting help at the shop.  Pretty sure I'm going to need more here pretty quick. 

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