Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Not been a fun week.

We are so close.  So close. Flying hardware is designed, gone to Engineering for certification.  Flown arrays of MVW WT8's are coming, soon. The cabs are done, the drivers have been chosen, built in amplifiers chosen,  and they sound magnificent.  But right now there's no way to get them in the air or even actually stack them well.  Trapezoidal cabs tend to slide around a bit.

For the last couple of years I've been building prototypes and running them here in my small town.  The Concert in the Park series provided valuable insights into what we needed for outdoor events.  The last show was 4 GC28's per side and a pair of SLVX218's.  Which performed incredibly well, but we knew we could do better.  From that evolved the GC210, a monster of a cab.  60hz to 18k +-3db.  A real +-3db, never more that 3 up or down from centerline.  None of that 6db bullshit that can be claimed mathematically it's +-3. It's an outside or BIG inside space.  I have 4 of them sitting in the shop right now waiting for final assembly in anticipation of this years CIP series.

All of last year I provided cabs for the Municipal Auditorium.  We have a great many shows here in this small town.  Once again, all GC28's.  We knew we needed something besides a ground stack system, thus the WT8 was brought to the forefront for final development.  I just thought the GC28 was a killer box, the WT8 is a whole 'nother level.

The last show I went to at the auditorium there were 2 stacks of RCF HDL10a cabs there.  The facilities director had told me he was bringing them in to audition.  Pretty plastic boxes, built in amplifiers, nice rigging system, decent sound.  I understand these are really popular cabs.  About a week later he calls me to say they're going to go out for bids for this system.  They're an easy solution.  His demands for systems are going up a lot.  The pisser for me is I'm literally a month, maybe 2 away from having the WT8 rig up and done.  I could not meet the delivery date he specified.  Other than that, in every specification the WT8 SMOKES the RCF box.  They claim 60-20k response.  If you can call 10db down at 60hz and 10db down at 15k 20-20k, I'm going to claim 30-25k for the WT8. 

Dispersion is 100deg.  He had a pair of JBL's used as center fills during the show.  WT8 dispersion is 140degrees.  We wouldn't need centerfills even 10 ft from the stage.  Hell, the GC28's didn't need centerfills. 

When I'm done I'm going to take a half as many cabs as the RCF's into the auditorium and leave them in the dust.  Then offer to take that system on trade for a full on MVW system. 

There, I've vented.  It's just pissing me off to have "missed it by that much".  When I know I have a superior product. 

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  1. so, I'm curious—did you take your WT8 rig in to the venue and compare with the RCFs?