Monday, April 13, 2015

One offs, but I like it.

We don't do many one offs or special orders in the cabinet shop that are outside the standard fare of fEARful, Bill Fitzmaurice, or BigE MVW cabs.  It can get really complicated very quickly, and most of the one offs that get requested they basically want me to design them a cab.  I can, but that's a completely separate deal from cutting out a box from a drawing.

When I do take them on, I make very clear that you have to be patient.  One offs get done in between other stuff.  It's also hard coming up with pricing for something you've never done.

Having said all that, recently I had a customer ask about a 1x12 guitar cab in a flat pack.  He supplied excellent engineering drawings, agreed to all my bitchy conditions, and we were off.

I like it a lot.  I'm going to put it up on the new site.  It's clean, simple, and looks really nice.  He ordered 2 flat packs, and we started assembling one on accident.  I'm glad we did. 

It features several ports sizes for tuning.  Nice profile, a step above the standard guitar cab, some actual thought went into designing it.

Here's a couple of pics.

Wow, the quality of these are terrible.  I have a new camera to take pics with, a Nikon D40.  It creates a raw file in the nikon format.  When I converted these to jpegs with Gimp it made a mess.  Going to have to figure that one out.

Thanks for the advice on the pics Charles.  Fixed with a nice little image converter I found.  

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  1. Not sure if my comment showed up, but if you don't have Photoshop installed you'll need to download the plugin that lets you open the RAW files on your own. What you did was probably convert the jpg thumbnail that's embedded in the RAW file. I've got a number of Nikon DSLRs laying around as that's my non-noisy hobby. :P