Sunday, April 5, 2015

I need to cut some plywood.

I find working in the shop very Zen. It's focused, can be intense, but is incredibly calming to my psyche. There's just something about work, and working with my hands that just takes me to another place.
 Having said that, spending days doing stuff like this:
prodimages/em/gtrdrvr/6-8/620H.pdf prodimages/em/gtrdrvr/6-8/620H_8.pdf prodimages/em/gtrdrvr/6-8/820H.pdf prodimages/em/amstd/10Alpha_10A.pdf prodimages/em/amstd/2/Alpha_12A.pdf ecttab title="Description">> Description img alt="" src="/logos/eminencelogo.jpg" style="height: 75px; width: 136px;" /> ecttab title="Specifications">> Pertinent Specs Complete specifications here: description here.

Creating paths to images, descriptions, page setups. and such is not quite the same. Okay it's not the same at all. I do get in the zone doing this, but it's a weird zone. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

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