Tuesday, April 21, 2015


It's been a very long road to get the MVW cabs to where they are now.  So many people have been incredibly patient waiting for us to make it happen.  Bringing a new product to market is one of the hardest jobs imaginable.  It also carries huge risks.

This has certainly been a collaborative effort.  Between the designers, me, dealers, and beta tester end users.  We are almost there.  The standard line is firm.
The PA tops are as follows:

GC25's in two models, the standard and the ACH for installations. 2x5" with compression driver. Perfect for coffee house style gigs, and installations for background and moderate volume levels.  I have a couple of bluegrass bands using them in pairs on either side.  More than enough.

GC28's for bigger gigs. The model we recommend for bands, djs and such.  It takes about 3 GC25's to equal the output of the GC28.  2x8 coaxial drivers.  The power of a 15" cab in a much smaller footprint with all the MVW magic.  I can't find my GC28 pics. doh. 

GC210.  The big player.  Loud, low, flat response, and oh, did I say loud?  2 10" neodymium drivers and 2 Faital Wg101 waveguides with compression drivers, center fired.  Only for the big stuff.  Outdoor festivals and such. Finished pics in the next week or so.  We have 4 cabs built to this point.  I can't wait to run them.

WT8 Line Array Series:
These have taken a very long time to get them where we wanted them.  Lots of ergonomic factors in a line array.  When you're going to fly cabs you better get it right.  They are done, the flying hardware will be done in about 6-8 weeks.  A permanent installation model with fly points is available now.  These are what we installed in Texas at the Marine Creek Church.  They are the best cab in the lineup.  Self powered option will be available at the same time as the flying hardware.  Pics to come. 


There's lot going on here in subs.  Many styles
RachE line:
RachE 12.  Probably the best sounding subwoofer I've ever heard when loaded with a lab12.  Available with a several different drivers for different needs.  Lower or louder determined by the driver
RachE15.  Amazing punch and power for the size.  Easily transportable, more output than the 12.  Once again several drivers are available.

Red Label Series
SLVX212.  Now we're getting serious.  Full on dual original MVW waveguides.  Big wavefronts, deep response. This is my recommended sub for dj's and have more transport room.  It does edm without breathing hard. 
SLVX215.  More of the same.  Still an easily transportable size. 
SLVX218.  Not for the faint of heart.  325lbs, 5 ft tall.  A true pro touring sub.  Output that must be heard to be believed. 

Here's a pic of the Silver Wheels Skating Rink in Parsons with a temporary setup of 2 GC28's and a SLVX218.  When the final install gets done, it will be 2 GC28's, 4 GC25's and a single SLVX218.  It sounds amazing now, will be insane when I get it done. 160ft long rink, barely a 3db dropoff to the very back of the building.  They're just tickling the lights on the amplifiers running 100-105db.  We've never opened it up all the way, but I have no doubt it will reach 125db in this place.

Tested and true is important in pro sound.  I have had a system in place in the Parsons Theater now for almost 3 years.  Mains, surrounds and subwoofers. It runs every day, 7 days a week, 6-10 hours a day.  The mains are a now discontinued model, the subs are RachE18's, and the surrounds are a GC25 variant.  Not a peep of problems.

So there you have it.  The GCSoundworks website is next.  If I survive the rest of the coding for Speakerhardware.  It's about done, on the downhill side of that project. 

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