Friday, April 17, 2015

Efficiency, maybe

I know I've talked about us redoing the shop, thought I'd post some pics.  It has improved workflows dramatically.  I know on a mfg scale it looks like a moderate sized hobbyist shop, but you'd be surprised at how quickly stuff can get cut up and assembled. Really we're only using half the space for work area.  At one point the other side was nice and tidy, but you can guess how long that lasted.  It will become work area also when we need it.  Another SawStop cabinet saw is waiting in the wings to be setup. 

But, we may not need to expand it much more than this.  I now have 2 cnc shops working with me cutting out the more complex parts, in quantities.  That will eliminate a crapload of router work on the flat pack kits, which is the most time consuming part.  Still working out a few details, but my first order of parts is on the way.  

New tool time.

 M-Power recently sent me some samples of their router basepoint to point marker, and trammel set for evaluation. I alread had one of their excellent scribers.   We'll give them all a go in the shop and report back.  I think the router base will probably end up on every router I own, just from watching their video.  I really like my Jasper Jig, but I hate the fact that it takes a dedicated router.  I think the CRB7 will be just as fast, and keep my router versatile. 

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