Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Return of the Jedi

Back to the blog.  I haven't been here in a long time for several reasons.  One of the biggest is I've been in the midst of rebuilding SpeakerHardware from the ground up.  Website, physical plant, new tools, new ways of doing things.  It has pretty much kept me idea exhausted.  That's my excuse anyway. 

The shop portion of my new, improved, SH is pretty much done.  Better workflows, more space, better organization. Sam has pretty much completely taken over the shop.  He's finished with school and hanging out with Dad for a while.   Him being here has allowed all this to happen.

2 months rebuilding my books.  They are now perfect.  I should have done it long ago, it's made my life much easier on the financial side of things.  Less stuff to carry around in my head. 

Now I'm on the website rebuild  Wrapping my brain around stuff I haven't done for a long time in layouts, html and such.  Completely rethinking the way the site works.  Speakerhardware grew organically as the business grew, and it shows.  I'm going to hire the pretty stuff done once I get the layout the way I want.  Every time I look at css coding my eyes don't just glaze, they forcibly look away. 
Thanks for waiting for me to come around again

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