Monday, March 30, 2015

Glazed eyeballs.

Shows how glazed I am. This is almost a repost of the previous blog.  I'd forgotten I put it up. 

I've been rebuilding SpeakerHardware and GC Soundworks from the ground up.  It all started with getting the bookkeeping where it should be.  That took 2 months.

Then we totally rebuilt the shop.  Changed all the workflows, added a couple of new toys.  It now functions much better than my original design. That took a month.  More pics to come. 

Now the real fun has begun.  Rebuilding the websites.  Been a long time since I did any of this webmaster type stuff.  Sitting in front of a computer 8-10 hrs a day sucks, a lot.  Just grinding out path links and checking EVERYTHING 3 times.  At some point I'll turn it over to real web gurus to make it all pretty.  No point in having them do the grunt work.  DIY, don't cha know. 

I'm pretty excited about it actually.  It should be easier to navigate, far more informative, with an up to date look.  The old site is getting pretty stale, it's been up almost 4 years.   An eternity is web years.  

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