Sunday, September 14, 2014

Up to my ears

The MVW revolution just keeps chugging along.  I've shipped out 6 cabs in the last week, with 11 more to go.  On top of that the Fitzmaurice and Greenboy kits are killin it. We have at least 6 flatpacks to get out the door, along with a crapload of parts.

It's a good thing.  Last winter was a killer business wise.  Experience told me it would take 6 months to catch up, and that was right on the money.  . 

I just got in 3 sheets of Eurolite ply for a specific cab.  At $80 a sheet + $100 shipping. Because MVW cabs are undamped, the plywood the cab is made of makes a difference.  Mike Arnopol builds all the bass cabs from it.  He started using it because of the light weight, and discovered some sonic properties that are interesting.  It damps midrange in these cabs.  In the PA cabs the midrange rise created by the vortex is easily cured with a little eq.  But in home audio and the bass guitar world eq seems to be a dirty word.

I bet a 4x8 sheet of this stuff doesn't weigh more than 40lbs.  It feels like air after carrying around Baltic Birch.  But man, you need dust collection and a mask.  I turned on the big vortex :-) vac for the table saw and made the first cut.  I promptly started sneezing.  That's when I pulled out the dust mask, not one of those cheapie paper things, the real deal.  This stuff smells nasty, and even the small amount coming off the table saw with the vac running was harsh.  As bad or worse than mdf.  But it machines just like BB, smooth and sweet.  

It will never go on the exterior of my PA cabs, it's too soft for the kind of abuse they take.  Mike epoxies the exterior to make it tougher.   But I might start using it inside, at least on the GC25's.  A few pounds here and there couldn't hurt. 

I'll report more on it later after I assemble a cab using it. 

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