Monday, August 4, 2014

Ripping it.

I spent most of yesterday cutting full sheets of plywood down to roughly 6x8 pieces.  Fun, fun.  The utility of my saw with the outboard feed table cannot be overstated.  If you have any room at all, make one.  If you're short on room make one that folds up.  I have mine optimized for 5x5 baltic birch, the outfeed table will hold an entire sheet. 

And additional tip is when you get 5x5 bb, ALWAYS check it for square.  Very often it is not square. 4x8 stuff seems to always be on the money, but once in a while I get some BB that's just terrible.  2 sides are always parallel, so you can straighten it out fairly easily with a guide board.  But man, if you rip it up without checking and it's out, your life will be a nightmare when you start construction. 

I'll try to remember to take some pics the next time I need to square a big piece. 

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