Monday, August 18, 2014

Back to the future

I got my audio chops doing installations in college.  Worked for a fine audio store in Wichita that did custom home, pro and car installs.  I worked the pro and home side.  One of the owners was a speaker genius. Crawling around in attics, on scaffolding, under floors was all part of the job.  I got to work in some pretty sweet houses too.

It's been back to the future recently.  Hart Designs Etc  is a distributor for the MVW lineup.  He had a massive installation in the Marine Creek Church in Ft Worth. They're moving into a new building. Doug called and asked for help.  Sam and I have been down there twice now, and it's been fun.  I hadn't dealt with the typical installation stuff in a long time.  Long wire runs, no conduit, other contractors screwing up your stuff, just typical troubles of any job.  

The amount of video and lights in this place were crazy.  5 projectors, 8 moving head gobos, 16 (IIRC) led pars.  Then there's the audio.  4 GC25E's per side, about 25ft up, a single 218SLVX under the stage.  All powered with Ashley.  I know that does not sound like much in a 400 seat space, but OMG.  125db average cabability.  We were hitting 129db with a kick drum we used to tune the system.  The nails were popping out of the stage, which was built wrong, supposed to be glued and screwed. It's been fixed now. 

At the demo for the praise team after we finished these crazy people were sitting directly in front of the sub.  They do like their bass.  Overall the system was stunning.  Dead even coverage, barely 3db drop front to back of room,  transparent and a huge stereo image bigger than the stage. 

Here's a link to a short video taken after we finished.  It's on fbook, unfortunately. 

Fun, fun.  Sam and I intend to pursue the church business.  They are overpaying and overbuying systems all the time.  I walk into a church and see a 32 channel heath sitting there, and they're using 3 channels.  It's just insane.  We going to bring reasonable systems with outstanding quality to the table.  The philosophy behind Speakerhardware from the git go.   

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