Thursday, July 31, 2014

Phenomenal Article

If you didn't see this on the SpeakerHardware facebook page, read it now.

It is exactly what we're doing and developing with MVW cabs.  They are incredibly percussive.  Like an electrostat.  No bloom, boom or overhang.  Steve has spent enormous amounts of time running tests, and concluded that square waves/impulse response yields more information about the cab than any other test.  Because music is transients, just as quoted in the article.  Drums sound better through these cabs than anything I've every heard.  If they were a one trick pony, which they're not, that would be it.  They just snap.

Worth a read whether you think we're full of shit with MVW or not.  But it's the approach we're coming from. 

BTW, no longer patent pending.  Patent approval came through yesterday.  YAY!

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