Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Done, and done in.

After many months of intense effort, I am semi caught up.  Turnarounds on customer orders is better, inventory controls are getting better, and I get to breathe a bit. It's about time, I was wearing out.

One of the reasons it was so intense was the development work on MVW cabs.  They were so close to what I wanted.  But just not quite.  Now in collaboration with the BigELoudspeakers designers, Duke LeJuene and Mike Arnopol we're there.  I am very happy with every cab in the line.  I'd like to try some different drivers in some of the cabs, but what I have are exceptional.  Other transducers can make improvements, but the cost goes up considerably over the stock model.  I'm going to offer both ways I believe, at least in the bigger cabs.  The GC25 I've found nothing in the 19.5 model that works better than the current Faitals. 

The last show of the season at the Parsons Concert in the Park finally made me happy.  After3 shows which sounded really good, but just not there yet, this one was the ticket for the GC28's .
I had spent a day at least just running a GC28 in every way I could think of.  I really tried to blow one up.  They're rated at 500w according to the driver spec.  I put almost 1000w with a 50hz high pass recorded music through one for an extended period.  It just kept slamming.  I was wearing my 25db muffs and it was still loud.  From that test I changed the recommended xover to 70hz for live.  My engineer's eyes got big when I told him to set the xover at 70.  I said if you blow them, what the hell, it's the last show.  That was the ticket.  These cabs came alive at the concert.  The snare was gorgeous, and the toms sounded like rockets going off.  Almost all coming from the GC28's.

Sadly, the 4 SLVX218's I had at the show just didn't get any work.  Recorded music before the show was simply stunning.  Kick drum to take your breath away.  Live, the drummer had a feather foot. We just couldn't get it.  Towards the end of the show he finally started hitting it a bit, it got better.

So I have a demo rig. Finally.  8 GC28's and 4 SLVX218's.  GC25 demo rig on the way.  If you're interested in hearing it drop me a line.  We'll see what's feasible, I can't swing the cash to travel huge distances, yet.  

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