Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Big Cabs

The last 3 days I've spent building a pair of 218SLVX subwoofers.  Man, building big cabs by yourself is not very much fun.  When just the top takes 2/3 of a sheet of 3/4 BB it gets heavy fast.  I had to get pretty creative with clamps, cleats and contortionism to keep things square. 

I only had one major disaster.  When I pulled one off the bench I lost it and it fell hard.  Broke a side panel loose that I had just glued up.  Had to fix it on the floor, there's no way I can lift one of these back onto the bench.  But it turned out okay, with some judicious use of a big hammer, jorgensen cabinet clamps and blue language.  Pretty sure the language is what fixed it. 

I don't know if any of you hang out on the BFM forum, but there's new stuff at Speakerhardware.
I recently went and toured a CNC shop fairly close and was suitably impressed.  There are now CNC cut and dadoed flat packs for most of the BFM subwoofers.   I've resisted doing flat packs for them for a long time, because of the size and assembly difficulty from a non dado flat pack.  These guys allayed my problems so here we go.  We're still working out the delivery times, the shop works these in between the BIG jobs they do, and I mean big jobs. This shop is no joke. 

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  1. When we built the first 218SLVX protype it collapsed the work table when we added the top!