Sunday, July 20, 2014

Been a while

Sorry.  I just kind of forgot about this for a long time.  The last 4 months were pretty much insane. 

GCSoundworks is now reality.  The site's been up a while, thanks to Steve Regier of BigE Loudspeakers.  It's not complete on the back side, that's up to me.  But it's there.  We have a finalized lineup of pro audio cabs that have been tweaked to the gills for the MVW effect. 
GC25E 2x5 killer tiny cab.  2 will handle small venues, 4 for up to mid size venues.  Subs required. We did 4 per side in a church in Ft Worth with a single 218slvx.  350 seat capacity, I think the 129db we were hitting with a kick drum was probably enough. 

GC28 2x8 coax box that will handle big venues.  2 for mid size venues, more as needed.  We've been running 8, 4 per side at the Concert in the Park with avg levels of 104-105db at 200 ft.  The cabs were just cruising. 

RachÉ 12, 15, and 18 subwoofers.  Clean, punchy, and powerful. 

And finally, not on the sites anywhere,  The 218SLVX.  The big bruiser of the line.  60x30x24.  A dual 18 in a configuration like the PA tops.  Bone crushing.  Price tbd. 

On a shitty note, a friend recently had a table saw accident. If you can't afford a sawstop saw, get some Grippers. 

Get a pair.  Use them EVERY time.  Even if you can afford a sawstop you should have some.  I don't give a shit if you've been running a table saw for 50 years.   All it takes is a millisecond and you're crippled for life.  I've stopped kickbacks using them, made impossible cuts using them, they are in my hands for every cut except for when I'm ripping up full panels.  There are a pair sitting on my table saw all the time. Watch the video.  I sell em, I don't care where you buy them.  Just get some.  No woodworking is worth your hand. 

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