Thursday, March 13, 2014


Man, I've been able to work in the shop for a few days with the doors open.  I was actually sweating the other day.  I get SO much more done when I can do that.  Working under heaters just sucks.  Spring is finally showing it's wings.  About damn time.

On the MVW front we've finalized all the current designs.  There are 2, maybe 3 new cabs coming though.  A GC26, a GC210, and possibly a new home audio cab.  GC28's are done, just waiting for me to do the final assembly and finish work for pictures for the website. 

The first iteration of the GC210 is an animal.  Just an enormous wave front.  It's somewhat of a departure from the other cabs in that it uses an off the shelf line array waveguide for the tweeters.  The second iteration of the cab will get constructed next week.  The first has a few anomalies that we know how to fix.  There has been enough research and burned plywood now that Steve and Tom can get very specific on what to do in a box to cure something.

If you want insights into MVW cabs be sure to check out the next issue of Bass Gear Magazine.  The MAS bass cabs are lighting up.  There will be a complete review of MVW bass cabs, AND an article by Steve and Tom explaining the technology, and a drawing of the inside of a cab.  The bass guitar world has been quick to pick up on the qualities of these cabs, and this is kind of a thank you.

On the fEARful/fearless bass cab front Dave's fearless line is going great guns.  They got high praise at NAMM this year, winning a best of show.  The fearless line is not DIY, but the fEARfuls are great build it yourself cabs.  Especially with one of my kits. :-).  But of course I'd be glad to build a fearless for you.  There are lots of models, I'd encourage you to visit his forum at the link.

Tools.  Nothing new to report, no new toys.  But, we did some swapping around.  We replaced Sam's contractor SawStop with a cabinet model I had in storage.  He's finally in a place he'll be at for a while, so the heavier saw was worth the move.  So, if anybody needs a frickin' fabulous table saw, drop me a line.  It's this one, with 36" fence and the wheel option.  In pristine shape.  I ain't shipping it though.  $1200 if you do it here, I'm going to put it on craigslist at $1400 before long.  You never see used SawStops for sale.  Ever. 

Keep warm, keep cutting plywood out there. 

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