Thursday, February 13, 2014

Okay, I know it's cold.

Man it's been tough to get anything done the last month and a half. It's just freakin cold.  Everywhere.  My shop is heated, but not heated to handle the kind of cold we've been getting.  Running the pellet stove wide open, an overhead 220 radiant and a small heater will just about make it bearable after running for a couple of hours. PL cures slow, takes a couple of days for a cab to get strong.  Be sure if you're building right now to dampen the joints before you glue up.  PL requires moisture to cure properly, and there's not much moisture in the air when it's this cold. I set the small fan heater in front of the cab to keep it warm enough for the glue to cure properly. 

I know it's not just me either.  I get emails and see posts in the forums all saying "when it warms up I'm going to build xxx". 

It's supposed to get to 60 by this weekend.  I'm guessing we'll all be running around in tee shirts and shorts after getting used to 15-20 being the highs.  Man I hope so.  I need to test some new cabs outside. 

Yes, new cabs.  You heard it here first.  A new GC28, revised waveguides, a couple of db more output, smoother response.

A new RachÉ12, first of a new series of subs.   Bigger, stronger, deeper. Not for the faint, they're big, close to horn cabinet size.  I haven't decided on a name for them yet.  RachÉ something something to differentiate them from the more easily portable originals.  .

Lastly, a new monster.  Tops to go with the new line of subs.  The GC210.  2 10" drivers in an MVW configuration top.  It's a beast of a cab.  Not pole mountable, at least not on my stands, it's for big venues, outside, anyplace you need huge wavefronts and lots of horsepower.  

There will also be some exciting new stuff on the DIY front in the next 3 or 4 weeks.  At least 2 and maybe 3 new cabs by noted designers avialable exclusively through Speakerhardware.  Stay tuned, stay warm, keep building.

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