Friday, January 31, 2014

Alrighty Then.

Been venturing out into the home audio world with the MVW cabs.  They're utterly stunning for home audio.  I assume all you readers here are hooked up with me on facebook , but in case not here's some pics of home system I shipped a few days ago.  Technically it's the GC2512.  We call it Wally. 

I learned a few things doing this system.  I'd always just had mediocre luck staining BB.  It's blotchy, and does not take stain well. Cured that using General Finishes Gel.  This stuff is awesome. That's Georgian Cherry you see in the pics.  Don't sand too fine, to 120 is adequate.  If you go much higher than that it doesn't take on as much color. 

While I was at Woodcraft getting the stain, of course I shopped around.  And found a solution to the problem of sanding inside I talked about in the last blog. 
These things kick ass.  You do have to be a little careful as they'll sand a divot.  But man the time they've saved on making the interior corners pretty on all my cabs is huge. You can get them here

I was pretty proud of myself when I left Woodcraft.  I only spent $130.  I could have easily added another zero to that number.  They just have cool stuff. 

Don't forget, all kits are free freight right now.  Instead of bitching about the cold and snow, go BUILD something.  It always warms the heart.  Does me anyway. 

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