Thursday, December 12, 2013

Big Doin's

We've launched a bunch of new stuff over the last few weeks.  Sawdust has been flying.  BFM Loudpeakers came out with a new line of simple direct radiator cabs I spent a lot of time figuring and working out in order to put them on the Speakerhardware web site.  New cabs always take a long time to get up.  Bill's cabs always have lots of options. 

I finally got Ashly amplifiers and processors up also.  If you've never heard an Ashly, you're missing it.  They will run 2 ohm loads all day long, and sound great doing it. 

Oh, btw, FREE FREIGHT on damn near every kit on the site, and the Ashly products. 

End of promotion.  Shop stuff.

We've started construction on a new MVW cab for the high end audio market.  I mean the HIGH END audio market.  PA cabs make you a lazy woodworker, or at least all the ones we do.  All butt joints, because PL is so strong.  You don't have to worry about glue bleed because it's going to get Duratexed.  Sand to 80g is more than good enough.  We don't do much fancy joinery because it's just not necessary.  .  Got to step up the game.
This cab will be all mitered hidden joints, many of them complex miters, out of Walnut faced plywood.  Price that stuff and drop your drawers.  Edge banding with walnut veneer, the works.  Been quite a while since I did this level of woodworking, it's really a piece of fine furniture.  We're building a prototype out of BB first just for practice.  I really don't want to ruin $170 sheets of plywood.  1st lesson we've learned is 45deg joints in 3/4 require 0 biscuits.  Even #10's plunge too deep. It's going to be interesting.

And a cab tip I stole from the BFM forum, a better way to mount grilles.  It works freakin great, practically invisible.  For it to work your grilles must have a 3/4 to 1" return bend all the way around, the grilles must fit within about 1/8 of the sides of the cab.  Cut a strip of ply out of 1/2 1" wide, about 1/4 shorter than inside width of the grille, for the 2 long sides of the grille.  Evenly space hurricane nuts along it, keeping them to the backside.  Use it as a template, put it in the cab, space it evenly between the opposite sids.  Mark the cab and drill holes for bolts. I used flat heads and countersunk them.  Install the strips, leaving them very loose.  Slide the grille in, tighten the bolts pinching the return between the strip and the cab.  Damn near invisible.  It or some variation is going to get used on every cab I do from now on.  Here's some terrible pics.

Happy Holidays!

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