Friday, November 15, 2013

Been an eventful month

Man a lot has gone on in the last month on the SH and MVW cab front.  The slow season (Jul-Sept) finally ended, about a month longer than it normally runs.  I have been going flat out now for 2 weeks and am still way behind. 

We've been doing development work on some of the flat packs.  Sam and I took what we've learned from the simpler fEARful flat packs and applied to the more complex Bill Fitzmaurice flat packs. Most of the internals are now assembled using pocket screws, and anywhere we can we're putting biscuits in to simplify construction.  It requires quite a bit of going through Bill's assembly procedures and making sure you can access the parts for pocket screws, and biscuits that don't interfere with later parts of the construction. 

Sam has moved back to Lawrence and his new place came equipped with a 2 car garage.  Wait, I mean 2 car wood shop.  Hopefully him doing most of the flat packs out of there will speed things a bit.  Our turnaround times suck, running at best 7 days, at worst a couple of weeks.  We're going to fix that.  The biggest obstacle is he has to come to Parsons for plywood.  Insane, nobody in Lawrence nor Kansas City that he can find stocks 5x5 1/2 BB.  My local lumber yard brings it in especially for me. 

New stuff is slowly appearing on the SpeakerHardware site.

 Manipulated Vortex cabs are finally off the development stove and on the market.  They'll be on SpeakerHardware until I get the dedicated GC Soundworks site off the ground.  There are 2 new models since I last wrote, a new high output version of the GC25, and an all new, completely redesigned 2x8 model, the GC28.  Some recent discoveries resulted in a rework of the 2x8 models, and the GC28 is the result.  It's a GC25, which was the best sounding cab, on steroids.  Professional pics to come. 

I'm really excited by the addition of Beyma Speakers to the lineup.  They have lots of drivers with specifications that are almost too good to be true.  Huge displacements,  wide band flat responses, the works.  The new high output GC25 utilizes an astounding 5" they build. See them here at my site. Beyma will probably become the premium driver in all the GC Soundworks MVW cab variations.  And they've been a fabulous company to work with to help me get to where I could add them to SpeakerHardware. That's really important to me.  Thanks Elvin!  A real relationship with a supplier is invaluable.  That's part of the reason you've not seen much but Eminence on my site.  They're real and real people I can talk to who care.  Beyma is working out the same way. 

One more new supplier is coming on board.  American DJ.  I've had many requests over the years to do lighting.  I know squat about lights, but once again like Beyma they've been very helpful.   They're not on the site yet, but it's coming.  One of biggest bonuses is American DJ is part of a much larger company that has EVERYTHING, trussing, dj gear, electronics, just a candy store of products.  It's pretty thrilling to get access to and offer this stuff, much of it difficult for the avg guy to source. 

Some of you may have seen on Facebook that we attended the RMAF home audio show in Denver last month.  It was a really good time.  I got to hear some insane systems, with insane price tags.  $35,000 cd players, anyone?  We learned an enormous amount.  The best thing we learned is that we can compete in that market.  And do it well.  Watch this space for announcements of groundbreaking MVW cabs designed exclusively for home audio. 

The final bit of running around was a system demo in St Louis at the Gateway Christian Church.  Typical problem gym with all the attendant foibles.  A pair of RachÉ15's and 8 GC25's just killed it.  Even smooth sound field every where.  The system was just cruising at 100-104 db. It's a praise service with a full band, so they do need those kind of levels. I hope they choose us, but if not, we learned a lot about doing demos, how to prepare, how to present, all those important things.  We could not have asked for more patient folks, as we had a few foobars on the way.

That's enough self aggrandizement for a bit.  Next post back to TOOLS and tricks.  

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