Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Man the last couple of months have been a whirlwind.  Appropriate since I live in Kansas.  Cab designs have been updated, driver selections have been finalized,  3 separate runs of MVW cabs, and taking care of normal business, which is very good. 

On the fEARful side of things, a new crossover was released that turns the 15/6 and the 12/6 into a really fine box.   The original crossover was optimized for bass guitar, the new one is optimized like a PA cab.  Playing music through the original was pretty good, through the new xover it turns the fEARful line into contenders for PA use.   It is fairly complex, took me forever to get the parts in stock from Erse. 

Fitzmaurice cabs just keep chugging along.  Bill released a J array version of the Otop, really a useful update.  I've yet to flatpack it, but it is on the list.   BFM cabs are impossible to beat for the bucks if you're a DIY'er building cabs.   And serious contenders if you're considering buying traditional cabs.  The low power requirements and high output.are very attractive. 

On the MVW BigE side, we've been busy.  Finalized designs for the GC25 series, the WT series, and the RachÉ subs. 
The GC25 is available in 2 configurations right now, the 25V with a front firing vifa tweeter.  Suitable for downfill, small club use and home audio.  It's a PA cab first and foremost, but I've already had some audiophile customers buy them for their home use.  The 25AK is the same cab with a rear vortex firing HF10AK compression tweeter.  The best speaker cabinet I've ever heard.  Imaging, spaciousness, and sheer raw power all in one little cab.  I'll put it up against any 12" with a comp driver.  Stack a GC25v and GC25AK on each other and you get the sweetness of the vifa tweeter with the power of the AK, it has to be heard to be believed.  There is a 3rd higher output model coming, the GC25XT.   The drivers are being imported for me.  Almost 5db more output than the GC25AK cab.

The WT8's have had their maiden  voyage, here in my hometown at the Concert in the Park series, and at Landon Arena in Topeka.  We learned a lot running these cabs at these shows, and how we are going to have to make changes in the way they are run by engineers who are used to standard cabs.  It requires some rethinking when you're using big stacks of these different animals.  Flying hardware for arrays is currently under construction by a local plasma cutter.   They are ready to go except for the flying hardware.  A stackable square GC28 is in the works. 

On the shop front Sam has spent the summer here, between semesters at college.  He's faster, better and more accurate than I am in the shop.  Fewer distractions help without a doubt, but the old man has been getting schooled about his construction.  No new tools to speak of , except maybe that we've gone to pocket screw construction on lots of cabs.   Especially on the subs it is far faster and stronger.  

We've cleaned house and are trying to keep the front end neat, because people keep stopping by to hear the MVW cabs.  And buying them :-).    I promised demo cabs long ago to many folks, and am just now in the position to provide them.  I kept selling my demos, damn the luck.   The first batch of demos go out this week.  I am really looking forward to hearing what they have to say,  hopefully on the internet. 

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