Sunday, May 19, 2013

Overdue update

The last couple of months have been brutal. Mostly in a good way.  I have built, shipped, fixed, modified more cabs, parts and stuff than ever before.  Just relentless.  I would just about get caught up, and another huge batch of orders, special requests, and personal stuff would drop.

Finally the end of last month I took my first real break in about 3 years.  10 days off, 4 in LA, 6 in Seattle/Bellingham.  I pretty much did nothing.  No touristy stuff in LA, I've done quite a bit of it in the past.  A little bit in Seattle, but mostly I just chilled.

I did take some MVWcabinets with me.  A new home audio version for my cousin's house in LA.
Stunning.  One of the most transparent speakers I've ever heard.  She had a little dinner party (she always does when we're there), and they were flabbergasted to say the least.  "They sound alive" was the most pertinent comment.  Still in pre-production, with driver complement and final xover points tbd. 

I also shipped some GC25v's and GC25xt's to my daughter's house in Seattle.  To replace the current mains used by her boyfriend's band, The Bad Tenants.  Pictured is the xt, with rear mounted compression driver. Just one of these is equivalent to a 12" with a comp horn in output, and sounds far better. 
I did a couple small demos for some folks, and missed the opportunity for an important demo with a big player in the industry because I had no signal source.  Shoot me in the head, that will never happen again.  Lepai amp in my bag at all times from now on. 

On the shop front, I have a new tool.  Yes, again.  I am a tool addict, and 12 steps won't help.  A Kreg pocket screw jig.  I used it for the first time and will always use it from now on.  Just about eliminates the nailer.  It's not faster than the nailer, by the time you factor in drilling the holes.  But, and it's a really big but, it's a better, easier, simpler assembly.  No more getting under the cab to shoot brads.  Internal panels, of which practically every cab I build has a bunch, pull down so tight I believe you could build a cab without glue.  And automatically square themselves.  Warped panel?  No problem, put 3 screws in it, fasten one end, push the warp out, drive the next, push the warp out, drive the third.  The only place I'm not using them are on the edge panels.  The screw will whack the router when the cab is rounded.  Most of the cabs there's no way I can access the screws to pull them after the glue sets, so most of those will be nailed.  If I could, I would use them exclusively. on every joint. 

I have a complete MVW cab install in the local theater next week.  10 MinE surrounds, 3 GC45 mains and a pair of RachE 18 subs.  Pics and a report to come.  Considering how MVW cabs image, I'm expecting staggering results. 

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