Sunday, April 7, 2013

Had some fun yesterday.

About 10 days ago I came across a post on facebook about a musicians swap meet in Joplin.  It's about 60 miles away, so I contacted the sponsor, Woods and Wire to see if vendors could come.  They said bring it. 

I work best against deadlines.  I completed a crapload of cabs for customers and this event all at the same time.   Diane and I worked long days to try to get ready and get customer stuff done.  Sam showed up a day early, he had classes cancelled and knocked out a prototype guitar cab to take. 

It was our first trade show with speakers.  I've done many trade shows in the past, as a vendor and a participant.  Kind of rusty though.  It was a good wring out for us to know what we need in the future.  Here's a few pics of the shop work and the show. 

Sam standing on the bench assembling a monster 27 wide t48  for a customer. 
Me with a pile of assembly parts on the bench.


Tower of Power.  RachE 12 and 18's

Interested folks.  Rockin' our new tee shirts.  And we pretty much stopped the show when we cranked the system a couple of times.  Just the Mine25's and 2 RachE 12's

Dan from Wood and Wire trying out the new guitar cab.  Every guitar player's head in the place snapped around when it fired up. 
My erstwhile assistants

Me and the Missus. 

The new MVW guitar cab is astonishing.  I keep running out of superlatives for these cabs.  It projects and sounds like no guitar cab ever.  All the listeners and players just gushed about it.  We'll get it prettied up and I'll get some pics up.  It was just finished the night before, and we just took it anyway. 

We had a good time.  And got good experience.  And are all exhausted today. 

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  1. Looks like a great time.
    I was going to come, but I didn't get my van out of the shop until Saturday afternoon.