Friday, March 15, 2013

I have not been slacking

Except for my blog.  I didn't even write a report about the listening party in OK.

Fun and amazing.  2 MinE25's and 2 Rache12's will take a gym to high school dance levels.  And sound freakin' fabulous doing it.  That's a total of 4 5" drivers, 2 tweeters, and 2 12" subwoofers.  Even Doug and I were surprised, and we'd heard them before.  Even, sweet and thumping.   2 GC46's and 2 Rache18's were ridiculous.  Utterly ridiculous.  Actually overkill for a gymnasium.  It's what I'd bring every time :-).

Every person there asked for pricing and availability.  Many of them were gospel groups, and they were really excited about the MinE's.  Small, huge output, great sound.  Just right for the kind of venues and churches they play.   Throw a pair and a single RachE12 in the back seat of a car and you have a system to handle small to mid size events, if you don't need club levels.

That night we went to a local establishment and provided sound for the Jake Moffat Band.  Great band, these boys can play.  We setup 4 Rache18's, 2 Rache 12's, and 4 GC46's.  I don't really know what capacity the bar is, but it's a pretty good sized place.  Dance floor is probably 25x20 at least.  It was gorgeous.  Minimal eq, and the bass from the system had to be heard to be believed.  The bass player for the band is a great player, (as are all of them) and you could hear every note articulated and defined.  None of that muddied up mess that you usually get.  Halfway through we realized 1 pair of the RachE18's weren't even on.  Doug pretty much got to nap in front of the board.  Setup and run.  That's the goal of BigE loudspeakers.  Minimal eq, minimal setup time, very little concern about placement.

A very interesting thing Steve (designer) had warned us about.  As the club filled, Doug actually had to turn the system down.  It got to about 1/2 full, he had to drop the gains 3-4 db.  Exact opposite of what usually happens with those bodies soaking up energy.  As it started to empty towards closing, he had to bring it back up to maintain the levels.  Bizarre. 

On the diy front not much to report new, except I have 18 cabs in the queue right now to build.  That's why I haven't been here.  I will post a pic of a new center channel I just did.  Bent baffle, no joint lines.  I just kerfed the back at the bend points, soaked the joint lines and bent it.  Then I filled the kerfs with a scrap and glued it in place with PL.  Testing was as strong as the uncut plywood. I'm pretty proud of it.  Built so the customer can do the final finish, it's done with mitered corners, practically no fasteners.  Furniture grade. 

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