Saturday, February 16, 2013

Get Togethers

I'm assuming most of you know there's a listening party in Yale Ok next weekend.  If you're anywhere close you need to be there.  Bring whatever cabs you want to so we can run it all.  Bring whatever measuring gear you'd like, we'll set it up and run tests.  Details are here.
From the BigE stable there will be GC46 tops, MinE2x5 array cabs, MA66 bass cab, RachE12 subs, and the big guns.  WT8 line array tops and RachE18 subs.  A full T39 Otop 12 BFM system, and a JBL system possibly.  I really want to see some stuff show up.  We think we can stand with the best gear out there. 

 It is primarily a listening test though.  BigE cabs have proven to be problematic for testing gear.  Working on it, we think we have a solution to actually show what's going on.  Yet to be proven, but it is an AES accepted test method, just not widely used I think because it's difficult.  I haven't waded through all of the white paper yet.

These gtg's are probably going to be our primary venue for launching the line.  None of us have a couple of hundred k for a major ad launch campaign.  There's another tentatively scheduled for the end of April in Seattle, or at least close to Seattle.  I'll be there with as many cabs as I can afford to ship.  If you're having any kind of gig like this drop me a line.  If possible I'll attend or send some cabs.

Been killin' it in the shop.  I have a new assistant.  She's really cute, and does good work.  She's learned how to solder, run a router, and is now the master of filling and sanding, sanding, sanding.

One more new addition to the shop.  Took FOREVER to get here.   Cool as hell.

It's my new refrigerator.  And it goes to 11. 

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  1. Haha! That refrigerator is beyond cool! It's even better than the pictures online!