Saturday, January 12, 2013

Twist the knife.

TBH, not going to the Danley shootout took a huge load off me.  I was killing it getting the RachE 18 subs ready.  I had two prototypes done, and then Steve and Tom figured out a very simple change that altered the output radically.  So I was building two more cabs. 4 sheets of 3/4bb later, they're done, but not all prettied up.  And worth the effort. As much output from a single as we were getting from 2 of the original design.  I need bigger amplifiers.  My 1k digmoda just makes a DeltaPro18c just start to work hard, it's a 500w speaker.  It's breaking your building at 1k, and will obviously take a LOT more power.  I ordered in Impero 18c's for the final installation.  They're a 1200w driver, I'll wager they'll take way over 2k before it's all said and done. 

Here's why I think that about the power.  I have a 2x5 cab (actually a pile of them) that are going in the local theater for surrounds.  My test driver in them is a sony that's rated at 10w.  A PE closeout driver.  I have them in series for a 10ohm load.  I can easily dump 150-200w into them without complaint.  For extended periods.  My digmoda is 500w at 4 ohms, so that should be in the 150-200 range.  I can bump the +5 db meters on my board with no ill effects.  And my system is properly gain set, should reach the limiters .at the 5db led on the board.   

So anyway back to the shootout.  The original questioner said one of his criteria was vocal projection.  That was the knife twist.  It's hard to describe vocals from these cabs.  It sounds like you're wearing headphones.  My daughter is a trained opera singer.   When she heard them her comment was singers were going to have to step up their game.  She could hear every breathing flaw and vocal control mistake they were making. 

A friend of mine who is true blue recovering audiophile (he calls it an addiction) stopped by at my request to listen.  He's the only guy I know in town who's listened to and owned truly high end home audio.  About 30 seconds in he started grinning.  At the end of "Behind Blue Eyes" he told me it's one of the finest systems he's ever heard.  Imaging, placement, huge sound stage, all the things I was hearing. His comment was "It was like a live performance".

Shop stuff. 

If you're not doing dust collection, START.  I emptied my big collector a couple of days ago, and it's astounding.  Both the fines and the main collector were full.  If not for it, I'd have been breathing all that stuff.  And the fines are the bad boys.  I also have a Jet Hepa that will change the air in the shop in about 2 minutes on high.  I run it on low all the time, kick it up to high when sanding or routering.  I vac from the sanders, but they still kick some out. 
At least hook a shop vac up to your tools, and wear a mask. 

I also tried out a new blade.  Ballew Saw and tool in Springfield sharpen my router bits and blades.  They  recommended I try an Amana on my table saw.  It's a heavier blade than the Freuds I've been using, but has a crapload of carbide.  It will probably sharpen a dozen times. And it cuts smooth as silk, smoother than my Freuds.  Recommended. 

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