Sunday, January 6, 2013


The BigE cabs are getting their trial by fire.  Danley Sound Labs has a new cab coming out, and users were asking about comparisons to other cabs.  They graciously invited people to bring their cabs for a listening day.  I'm going.  Although after posting I was going, I sent Ivan Beaver a pm making sure it was appropriate.  I'm not some user bringing my cabs to compare, I'm a potential competitor.  He was very gracious about letting me attend and bring some cabs.   For which I am grateful.  Plus I get to hear some seriously badass gear outside of a venue.  Mebbe even the Matterhorn if there's time.

The shootout is for standalone tops and subs, not big arrays.  Our arrayable boxes are ready for primetime except for flying hardware.  That's a pretty sticky wicket we are still working through.  

It's a 14 hr drive, but what the hell.  Sam and I are going, and time with my son is never wasted time. 

LC6's and RacE18's.  My original RachE prototypes have already been superseded by an improved design.  One very minor change in the cabinet resulted in enormous output changes.  New ones are under way right now.  Not hacked together like my first ones either, which are pictured.  All BB, meticulous in construction.  I'm figuring out production processes as I build these. 

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  1. If you didn't see it on facebook, not going to happen. I was asked not to attend for various reasons. That's fine it's their shindig, I'm a potential competitor. But, Doug Hart of dbProAudio is setting up a deal in OK. Stay tuned.