Thursday, January 24, 2013

Getting very close

It's been a long haul to get the BigE cabs done for the local theater.  I thought I was done in Dec, but then realized there were 10 surround cabs.  I wasn't willing to do a partial system, so we started in.  Had to come up with a design first, then prototype and build. 

I now have 14 of the crazy things sitting around the shop. 2x5.  The surrounds are pretty much wired.  4 of them are going to be monitors for a couple of friends who record. They require much higher fidelity than the surrounds.  Still playing with the correct tweeter for them.  I've tried a couple of different woofers with really good results.  I had some closeout sonys that I started with.  Really good, great mids, good bass.  Then I dropped in some very low fs long xmax Peerless drivers.  The bass is stunning.  You'd swear I have a subwoofer running with them.  But it did cost some mid quality.  Playing with tweeters and moving the crossover point around to fix it.  I like running the mains full range, but I'm pretty sure with these I need to install a low pass to  roll them off and let the tweets take over about 2.5-3k.  I have some Faital 5's coming to give a go also.  They're what Mike Arnopol uses in his 4x5 bass cab, and it's his favorite cab in the BigE line. 

In other news I just keep cranking out the fEARful flat packs.  Dave has really  hit a home run with these.  Traditional designs, optimized for the new generation of drivers available.  I'd really like to do a FEARLESS, but nobody's ordered one.  (Hint).  The 2x15 and the F112 are blowing up.  The other builders are doing lots of them.  BNA has a booth at Namm this year with fEARfuls and FEARLESS cabs in it.  You should stop by if you're going.  Mark's a great guy. 

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