Saturday, December 1, 2012

Shoving on through.

Man, after a couple of weeks of slow shop work it's just exploded.  Flat packs, complete cabs, BigE stuff to finish.  I have 12 cabs sitting in the shop waiting for duratex.  4 more that need to be finished.  It's getting kinda crowded.  Supposed to be 70 degrees the next few days, so I'll shoot all of them outside.  Much faster than in the spray booth 2 at at time. 

Doesn't help that I've been half sick now for over a week.  Nasty little virus that's just hanging and hanging.  It only took me down for a day, but I'm running about 1/2 - 2/3 speed the rest of the time.  Making the dayquil stock price rise all by myself. 

Spent the entire day yesterday tweaking on crossovers and playing with measurement software on BigE LC6 cabs.  I don't really have the time to spend on it, but it had to get done.  Been trying to accomplish it for weeks.  I have a demo in the local theater for a surround system for a 135 seat house next week.  Got to be right the first time.   3 lc6's on the front, a pair of lile 15's (yet to be built) for the subs.  Haven't decided on the surrounds yet.  After tweaking the xovers, the LC6's really only need the subs for real LFE, below 50.  The cabs they're replacing are dual  15's with an enormous 2" comp driver on a massive horn.  I'm going to bury them with quality and equal them in quantity.  :-)  Lee Salyers, an old friend and owner of the theater is going to let me have full reign over this house.  It's getting upgraded to digital projection next week, so the new audio will go in at the same time.  I'm thinking road trips are in order for anybody close, please? 

Another new tool to fire up your gas, and this one's cheap.  The Ryobi detail sander.  Man I love this thing.  It's cheap, and really works well.  Don't expect to sand big stuff with it, there's not that much power.  The vibration is pretty small.  But for reaching into hard to access spots, and fine sanding in horn throats it's great.  Also for taking fuzz off of router cuts and saw cuts.


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