Thursday, December 6, 2012

New cab

The day the BigE designers were here we ran a pile of cabs outside, as I detailed in a previous blog.   The manager from the rail yard across the street came over.  He asked me about building some cabs for a pair of drivers he had.  I said sure, figuring I'd just build him some nice sealed cabs for them.

Oddly, it was these:
It's a driver designed for in wall or ceiling use.  So I ran a few tests and kinda figured out a cab.  He wasn't in a hurry, so I put it aside.  Well,  Tom and Steve all of a sudden starting working on a single driver solution for the Vortex waveguide.  It needed dual drivers to really get the vortex working previously.  So we talked about this driver, and they sent me a preliminary design which I built for these.  Here's the finished product.  Not my most polished work, they are prototypes.

So how does it sound.  Really damn good.   Not as big an effect from the ports as you get with a dual driver cab, but it's still there.  The soundstage is as good as a fine home stereo, just not as phenomenal as you get with the dual driver cabs.  Took a 90db speaker and kicked it's 1w1m up to 99db.  Bass response is excellent, strong to 40.  Their spec shows 45hz as the bottom for this driver, but that's really pushing it, my testing showed it down 6-8db at 50. At least I had to add some additional bracing, the bass was rattling the back panel.  Which had a single brace down the center, horizontally.  It now has 3.  

The client is very happy.  As he should be.  He got a unique cab, for about 1/2 to 1/3 of what they'll go for.  We learned enough from this one to to tweak it further, enhancing the vortex effect from a single driver.

This is really fun, btw.  

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