Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mojo and Video

Kind of getting my mojo back.  For the last 2 or 3 months it felt like I was just swimming upstream in jello.  But the last week or so I've really gotten shit done, taken care of business, and pretty much got it all together. Shipping times are getting back to normal, same day or next day unless I'm out of stock.  Emails replied to promptly. Did a bunch of work on the website, and almost have my books caught up.Shipped 2 cabs, 4 flat packs, a pile of crossovers, and completed 4 BigE WT8 line array cabs in the last 7 days

 It feels pretty damn good actually.

And, I finally made time to do some work with the videos we shot when Steve and Tom, BigE designers were here.  Doug Hart came up from OK and we all had a really good time.

The video attached is pretty rough.  We were just getting ready to take measurements when the police showed up, they'd been getting calls about the noise.  We'd been running about 15 minutes, max. C'mon, we were playing Kansas in KANSAS.  I begged for a minute of volume so we could take these shots.  So here we are.

I paused the video every second and read the meter.  Only 9 data points up close, 26 from distance.  I used the average for the calculations. There's no or very little bounce off the building.  If you look closely you can see the garage door is open behind the speakers, probably acting like a big bass trap.  Standard dropoff calculations indicate there should be a 7.75 db drop off between the two points.  It measures 4.5 db, which is what line array calculations predict.  This is from a stack about 6ft tall. Certainly not a long enough line for array effects, especially with only 2 tops running.   2 21" LilE subs, 1 dual 18 218SLVX sub, and 2 LC8 coaxial cabinets, each loaded with 4 18sound coax drivers, two of which have blown tweeters.  Shot with an iPad, no processing or changes made.  I wish it was a continuous shot, but was pushing my luck with the authorities as it was.   

1 other note.  If you change the parameters of the avg, and pick out the top 9 from the 26 measurements at distance and average, you get 98db, rather than 95.5.  A net change of about 2 db from up close measurements.  

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