Saturday, October 27, 2012

Video Of the JonE portable system

Been busier than a cat on a hot tin roof.  I keep thinking I'll get all these video linked with some commentary and make it look professional.  But in lieu of that, I'm going to start releasing them a bit at a time.  Here's the links to the JonE portable system playing in the Parsons Municipal Auditorium.  It does not do it justice.  The sound was full, rich, and everywhere.  Granted the acoustics of our local auditorium are very good, but to have 4 3" drivers, a 6" sub and 20 watts make everybody listening happy is pretty amazing. 


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  1. JonE is one of my favorite Big E cabinets! It was created on a lark. A local friend and bass player wanted a bass rig that looked like a tractor. We built JonE as a mockup and test bed since at the time we had yet to create a non-crossfired cabinet. We learned quite a bit from that little tractor. Lil'E subs were spawned and the ability to make them isobaric with even greater output (yes more output from an isobaric alignment). It became the boom box we used at the shop and the portable rig at gigs to play music while setting up and tearing down. I understand that they will be offered for sale shortly in a choice of colors. BTW The friend who wanted the tractor bass rig is playing a Mike Arnopol Soundworks MA Deuce-4. He has forgot about his SVT. The tractor bass rig? Maybe; someday...