Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stay tuned

Haven't had much to say for a few days.  Mostly because I've been so busy that there's no time to breathe.  3 weeks straight, 9-10 hours a day trying to catch up.  Almost there.  3 cabs left to finish and a truckload of stuff to ship.  2 of them don't ship until Dec,  so not exactly cranking on them. 

Sam got home for the first time in a month this last weekend and shamed me on how fast he can produce flat packs. 

But, and it's a big one.  Stay tuned.  Steve and Tom, the BigE designers are coming to town this weekend.  Bringing everything.  We're going to bang out a bunch of demo cabs for me, play with new designs, and generally annoy most of the city playing stuff REALLY LOUD out behind the shop.  If you're interested, drop by Saturday, everybody's invited. 

I'll have a blog report the first of next week. 

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