Friday, October 12, 2012

Oh yeah

Steve and Tom showed up yesterday with a trailer load.  Then proceeded to pretty much blow my mind.  I just thought I knew how good these speakers could be.  The WT8 model which I have been talking about are fabulous with the proprietary drivers.  Theirs are loaded with B&C's.  Breathtaking.  Utterly breathtaking.  Midrange monsters of the midway.  They are just in your face, but in a way that just makes you grin. Ever had 500hz rattle your brain?  Going to offer both versions.  The B&C's are pricey. 

I promptly called the city and we have a demo today in the Municipal Auditorium.  It has excellent acoustics.  Which really is neither here nor there with BigE cabs. We'll set them up in the optimum arrangement, but then set them up in ways that should be horrible.  And then measure, measure, measure.  Shoot video, the works.  Get it up on the web so actual numbers can be seen.  You have to hear them, there's no way we can get across the sound unless you have BigE's. 

Stay tuned.  Exciting stuff coming. 

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