Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New things learned.

I had my WT8 BigE's out on a demo this last weekend in this horrific gym.  20ft ceilings, huge reverberation times, just about as bad as it gets.

It was for a new service being started by one of the local churches.  They have a pair of Peavey 15" 3 ways.  Typical 15 and a horn, with a 5" (I think) mid thrown in.  Typical 15 and a horn sound.  At first I just ran the WT8's, which are tops.  My cousin Richard (who has a new book btw), said we need some bass.  The WT's I think could have provided it, but their desk only had a 7 band eq, of which the bottom was at 125.  So I went back to the shop and got the LilE sub and my digmoda amplifier.  There was no xover, only a crown amp connected to their desk, so I needed the digmoda to run the sub. 

I stacked one on the other to one side of the audience, relying on the even dispersion to cover.  The WT8's performed as expected.  Sound field was even, full and free of stuff.  When we switched back to the 15's they sounded thin and lacking in midrange and hf.  What was really interesting was listening to the bounce.  With the standard cabs it sounded like you'd expect, a ring that lasted and lasted. With the WT8's the ring was chopped, like a stuttered signal, and lasted about half as long. Really strange. The decorrelated sound acts differently.

But what I learned was appropriate size of cab for the intended use is important.  I brought howitzers to a cap gun fight.  Overkill with these is not the solution.  To really activate the vortex you need to apply some power, you can hear it kick in.  At low levels it's there, but very subtle.  They didn't need anywhere near the volume level where the vortex is really working in this particular cab.  It still sounded far better than the 15's, but the really crazy stuff these can do was not apparent, except when I cranked for my own listening tests. 

So, when the proprietary 6's show up, I'm going to try it again with a 4x6 cab.  Which is flat to 40, no subs required for this type of application. Maybe even a 4x4 or 5 cab.  Obviously the smaller cab activates sooner, at lower volumes.  Now I know why Steve and Tom have designs from 2" drivers up to 21" drivers. 

More stuff to build.  Can't keep up now. 

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