Sunday, September 9, 2012

Working for the weekend

I wish I was working for the weekend.  Working on the weekend.  Heading to the shop today, trying to play catchup.  After 4 yrs of 7 days a week, I had finally in the last 4 months changed that to where I had weekends off.  After getting the new shop I left my other business to my partner to run.  I only work at the rental store when it's necessary.  I was getting some time off.  Wow.  That's pretty much gone to the toilet, after the last month. 

BigE stuff is at least a month behind what I anticipated.  I figured on having demo cabs out by now.  Customer projects are running anywhere from 3-5 days behind.  But I am getting there.  Shipping for non shop orders is finally back to my normal 24hr turnaround if all is in stock. 

On BigE stuff, if you're interested you should go look at the talkbass thread about them.  Mike Arnopol is doing the bass guitar cabs.  He's where I expected to be by this time.  He, Duke LeJuene and I all weigh in.  If you don't know who these guys are, Mike is a highly respected bass player and builder, with many recordings and world tours under his belt.  Duke is custom builder and designer of ultra high end home audio and bass guitar cabs.  His home audio speakers are some of the best in the world.  Both were completely flabbergasted by the BigE stuff.  I brought Mike in, Mike brought Duke in. They both bring big reputations to this entirely new product. 

Off to make sawdust and abs dust. 

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