Friday, September 28, 2012

Intimate Power

I spent another day tweaking on the BigE WT8 cabs.  I have a demo tomorrow in a church gym with horrendous acoustics.  I've heard BigE's in a gym before, and they pretty much overcome the really bad stuff with their packeted sound. 

I'd just stuck some caps I had lying around to protect the Faital tweeters I'm using.  So today I hooked up a system to biamp the cabs so I could tweak on the crossover to the tweeters.  I discovered pretty quick that the range was between 2 and 3.5K.  I ran just about every kind of music I had through with varying slopes and crossover points. 

It depended on the music and the mix.  2.7k was good for rock, 3.0 for acoustic, 3.2 was just sweet with jazz.  A 24db slope seemed best, and cleaned up a tad of 2k noise I'd get occasionally at higher power.  Doh, it was the tweeter complaining.  I calculated the values for a 3k, built a couple of linkwitz rileys and installed them.  The woofer in the cab is allowed to roll off naturally, no filter. 

Okay, everything I've said about these, but better.  Utterly transparent.  The analog crossover is just buttery smooth, better than the digital.  But I was just using a Behringer CX.  I'll try it again biamped with the more powerful dsp in my digmoda one of these days.  But by god I don't know how it could improve it any more. 

My wife came down to listen for the first time.  We listened to all kinds of stuff.  After "Black Dog" by Led Zepplin, she stood up, and said "I have to get my heart back to it's own rhythm."  The kick drum in that song will just take you over.  It's in your head and your body.    Her next words were "How can I help you get these to market?"

Thus the title of this post.  Intimate power.  It's the realization I came to today listening to these again.  It's like wearing headphones, the music just seems to appear in your head.  But it's huge, and encompasses your whole body.  It literally is a full body experience.   Intimate, and incredibly powerful.  And yes, it's a pair of PA speakers.  Designed to give that experience to hundreds.  I sound like a damn audiophile. I don't know how else to describe it, and certainly don't know how to measure it.

I HAVE to build a set of home audio speakers using this technology.    


  1. Quote: "I HAVE to build a set of home audio speakers using this technology."

    Me Too !!!

  2. Do you have any "rules of thumb" you can suggest to me when building a crossover network? I've had many people say "oh 4th order is the only way to go on pro audio" but so many people use a 24db slope on the tweeter and let the woofer alone naturally. I like the idea of that. Less components anyway.

    1. Correction to the above post:

      I meant

      "But so many people use an 18db per octave slope on the tweeter"

  3. I like linkwitz rileys. No phase change. There are no rules of thumb with crossovers. It's the black art of speaker design. At least until BigE's came along :-).

    It kind of depends on the main driver and how much you need to compensate for it's response at the crossover point. 18db is a much softer knee.