Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hurry up.

Going as fast as I can.  After a slower August, at least business wise, which was a boon, considering how much else was going on. It's crazy how far behind I am even with August being slow. 

Yesterday was the first day I really got it moving in a while.  I shipped out a PILE of stuff. Caught up on a bunch of stock orders, even did a wee bit of bookwork, which is months behind.  Went to the shop and made sawdust like a madman until about 6:30. 

Pretty much a one man show again.  My brother has moved back to OK, Sam started school, so I'll only see him on weekends.  He's frantically trying to get his shop setup in a new location in Lawrence to take some pressure off the old man.  I have several people who will help, but the problem is this is so specialized it's really tough to train somebody.  It's a necessity though.  If  I'm going to grow this any bigger, time to lay out and spread out the work. 

On a fun note, I started an Autocad class last week.  I need to be able to run a CAD program desperately.  I've played with Sketchup, but the learning curve is pretty steep.  Easier to take a class than spend hours searching and screwing with commands.  A CNC rig will show up in my shop in 6 months or less.  Not an option.  I need the speed.  I'm sure I'll hire an outsourced programmer for it, but I need to have at least the basics under my belt so I know what the hell he/she's doing. 

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