Friday, September 7, 2012

Big E first release info.

I told you I'd post BigE stuff here as it was released.   The first tidbits of info about how they work can start coming out as the patent process is under way, and some protection is in place.  Here's a release from the designers.  Sounds like science fiction, until you hear the cabs.

Manipulate Vortex Waveguide Basic Theory

No force tuning of the driver occurs.

Audio transducers mounted in crossfired scoop loaded configuration, To provide better driver loading and dispersion.

Energy from rear of transducers is harvested, fractured and re-energized inside the Vortex Waveguide system.

Each fractured segment is time shifted in the waveguide prior to release in the output flare port where it is encapsulated by the output energy stream. The time shifted packets of auditory info are summed with the output of the front of the transducers.

The resulting multi-time-shifting signal exits the front of the cabinet encapsulated in the bass energy stream. This causes the creation of the nearfield event horizon. The resulting auditory information emulates sound creation in nature.

The decorrelated packeted information is summed by brain of the listener into a correlated auditory information, as is done in nature. The multitude of of slightly time shifted audio packets created are reflection resistant and more natural sounding due to
the manner in which the information is transmitted to the listener.

The Vortex Event Horizon provides an expanded nearfield effect allowing more efficient transmission of information to a larger audience area. This also provides the ability of the MVW cabinent to transmit auditory info beyond line of sight with minimal loss. The Vortex Event Horizon will wrap around objects, obstructions, and up to boundaries providing a self-adjusting nature to the nearfield.

All the factors combine to provide a very dynamic, efficient, articulate, and natural sounding output to the listening audience.


  1. doesn't sound like science fiction. sounds like the sales blurb for a hyper expensive beauty product for women with loads of money who are wowed by scientific sounding BS. So whats really going on?

  2. Yes, it does. It took the designers, Steve and Tom 6 months to convince me they weren't feeding me a line of crap. It wasn't until I heard them I believed it. I agree the nomenclature is over the top, but you'd have to meet them to understand why. They're the only other people I've met with DR WHO ringtones. I will have hard data in the near future. I just have to figure out how to measure what's going on.

  3. I wonder what kind of deal they had to do with Santa to get the loan of his little elves to harvest the energy from the rear of the transducers, break it up into pieces with little hammers, chuck it on a conveyor belt that leads to the Re-Energize-A-Tron inside the waveguide system... forgive my piss-taking; I'm an Aussie - we can't help ourselves when the BS detector lights up.
    I trust your ears - If you think these designs are something special, I really believe you. But either the designers are smoking something, deliberately trying to obfuscate the actual physics of the design, or just having a big laugh. or some combination of all three. the concept of 'fracturing' a sound wave into pieces (either time or frequency domain) doesnt make much sense, unless they are talking about it in a Fourier kind of sense, where you approximate the real, continuous world by dividing things into chunks, and then mathematically making the chunk size infinitely small.
    Will these designs ever be made 'public' (and as such subject to scrutiny) or are they intended to be black-box designs?

    1. When the patent drops the interior design will be public. That's part of the patent process. " or some combination of all three" is a pretty accurate description of them. But at the core of their crazy names for stuff is truth. There are some very smart people who've heard these. Fourier is getting in the ballpark, but not the right math. Refer to this thread
      for some more details. It where the three principals involved in bringing this to market weigh in. Especially Duke LeJuene. Highly respected speaker designer. His description after hearing them was "Everybody else is flying piston engines, and we're bringing a jet".
      Bass guitar cabs are poised to launch in about a month. I'm probably 2 or 3 from PA boxes.