Friday, August 10, 2012

Why I can do this.

As mentioned in the last blog, my Father is failing.  He's 91, and at that point in life when something goes wrong it tends to cascade throughout the body.  We started hospice care a couple of days ago, waiting for the end.  His choice, emphatically.  As always, he takes the burden off everyone else. 

His work ethic, his honesty, and his ability to speak the truth without being harsh are models I have tried to emulate in my life and my business.  Growing up in a hardware store watching him and Mom do business, interacting with customers, suppliers and employees was truly a gift.  And especially the example of his love and caring for Mom, who passed about 8 years ago from Parkinsons.  Dad cared for her pretty much exclusively until the end. 

The innate skills in his hands and head were astounding right up until the last month or so.  He sneered at prehung doors, and could frame and hang a door virtually as fast as a prehung model.  He just did it about 3 months ago, when he wanted a new door into the garage. He could or would try to repair anything.  I remember him working on our tube tv's in the 60's.  He knew nothing about electronics, but by god they worked when he was done. 

I like to think I've at least got some of that.  I will miss him terribly.  He's been the pillar around which our family revolves.  Mom's waiting for you Dad.  Patiently as always. 

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