Sunday, August 5, 2012

So much happening

I have ignored this forever.  There is so much going on the last few months that I just lost my mojo to write. Speakerhardware has grown enormously this year.  So fast that I am struggling to maintain.  We have moved into a new shop, bought new equipment, and added new associates.  My cousin Richard who is a professsional photographer and Baptist preacher (he has a new book out btw) is now doing all my photography.  His Dad, my Uncle Leon, was an award winning photographer for 40 yrs, and passed that on to Rick.  I have a professional photo booth in shop, lights, backdrops, the whole nine yards.

My brother Kevin has moved back to Parsons is also helping out full time.  Kevin is also a skilled woodworker (and a preacher, I'm surrounded) and has been doing the heavy lifting on shop setup.  Paint booth, workbenches, photo booth, while I and Sam work on cabs and customer orders. 

Possibly the biggest thing happening is Big E speakers. , (facebook).  It took Tom and Steve 6 months to convince me they weren't bullshitting me about their cabs.  Finally Sam and I made a trip to Piper City.  In the middle of nowhere, vast corn fields on every side, these guys have created something new.  Brand new.  Nothing like it that I can find in the audio world.  I haven't gone into much detail on the social sites about them, because I don't want to fight the flame wars yet, but I will here.  Fabulous flat response with no eq.  But what's really crazy is that flat response does not care much about what room it's in.  It's still flat.  You walk in a venue, setup and play.  Leave the 31band or the dsp at home.  Seriously.  Or if you bring it you'll find a couple of db here and there (3 or 4 bands) and you're done.  Room modes seem to have little effect.  Even field coverage.  Line array near field dropoff from a single cab.  No, I'm not loony, I've heard it.  My prototype WT8, which is 2 8's and a comp driver has virtually no volume change from the front of the cab to over 70ft away.  At which point it started acting like a standard cab.  I can't measure it yet, my measuerment mic was stolen.  But as soon as I finish the cabs I have in production serious measuring will occur.  Oh, and the subs do it also.  Flat response to 30hz from a single 12" driver cab, with serious output. 

On a somber note, my Dad, who taught me practically everything, is failing.  He just turned 91, and his health has taken a turn for the worse.  His help has been instrumental in the success of SpeakerHardware, and in every other aspect of my life.  Advice, construction, everything.  Up until about 2 weeks ago he could still put in a pretty hard 4 hour day.  He and Kevin built all the benches in the shop.    My solemn wish is for him to either recover to his full function, or pass quietly.  Any man who's worked as hard, been as honest, and taken care of so many deserves no less. 

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