Monday, June 27, 2011


Table saws.  The single most dangerous tool in the shop.  I got whacked a couple of yrs ago, pretty minor as table saw injuries go.  No surgery, no loss of limbs, although I have an odd nail on one finger now. 

About a month ago my son got it.  Surgery on the finger, he'll have complete movement in a few months.  Stupid lucky, just as I was. 
So, I ordered a  pair of Sawstop saws.  Been waiting for a dealer to have an order so I could save the freight.  I hesitated when they called, it's almost $4k worth of saws.  But then I remembered my son running down the street (the shop is 3 blocks from the house) holding his finger.

He was doing something he shouldn't have been, as I was when I cut mine.  These Grrippers  should be on every table saw users must have list.  They would have saved his finger, and mine too.  I did not have them when I cut mine.  Use them every time, every cut, without fail. 

I almost bought the Sawstop saws after I cut mine.  That's when I found the Grrippers.  I didn't have the money then, really don't now.  But we do this for a living.  I need that backup it provides.  Doesn't mean you get careless, just means you have an extra measure of safety.  All it takes is a momentary lapse, and you can be disfigured for life.  I'll just make this quick cut, and that's when it gets you. 

What I spent on his finger would buy both saws. 

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  1. I don't own a table saw partially for that reason - I use a circular saw and a clamp down fence - still a dangerous piece of equipment of course. But it has a built-in accident prevention system for me, which is that every time I fire it up, I fear it, remembering that my uncle cut the end of his thumb off with one many moons ago. Its good to never get too comfortable with power tools.