Saturday, March 12, 2011


I knew it had been a while.  But I didn't realize it had been DECEMBER since I wrote on the blog.  It could be because I'm buried with biz, and that's true, but it's really just forgetfulness and sloth. 

Since my last update many new things have happened.  Took on a new cab designer, greenboy of fEARful fame at talkbass.  Excellent bass cabs, with more good things to come.  It's been a long haul getting them on the site, but at least the 15/6 flatpacks are on there, and all the basic kits for 15/6 and 12/6 designs.

Doing a flat pack is hard.  Trying to anticipate problems for the customer in assembly require a lot of trial and error.  When I build a cab, if a panel is slightly off or whatever, the table saw, belt sander, router, jointed, whatever is needed is right there.  I can't assume that with a customer building a cab.  Fine tune, tweak, cut, assemble, disassemble and try again several times.   The fEARful flat packs are the best I've done.  They literally go together like RTA furniture.  Snap with biscuits.  I'd love to get BFM cabs to that point, but with the many angles and odd structure of Bill's cabs it's just not possible.  That's just the nature of horns, even the simple ones are much more complex than a straight ahead box. 

So stay tuned.  Big plans are going to happen with Speakerhardware this year.  And I promise not to let this languish this way again. 

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