Monday, March 28, 2011

Put us out of business.

I went to the Wichita Grand Opera Gala this weekend.  My daughter had told us to expect amazing singing.  The three featured artists are three of the top voices in the world for opera.  Unfreaking believeable.  And I'm not an opera fan. Although that is changing.

We'd have no business nor fun if singers were all this talented and trained.  Alan Held is a Wagnerian baritone.  In front of a 50 piece orchestra, a 30 voice choir, all blowing for all they were worth, he sat in the pocket on top of all of it.  No reinforcement.

Sam Ramey is a legend in the opera world.  Has to be near 70, been singing since the early 60's.  Doesn't need subwoofers, shakes the seats without it.  And Joyce DiDonato is the go-to soprano for the Met, enough said there.

It was truly amazing, the orchestra was phenomenal, just a truly enjoyable evening.   If you haven't been to an unamplified symphony, concert, or performance of some kind you need to go.  It's refreshing and grounds you in what we try to accomplish for mere mortal singers and performers. 

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  1. I conduct a community concert band and as such I feel I have the best seat in the house to hear a live band. It's wonderful except when we're "off" then it's a bit awkward. But it's still always fun.