Saturday, March 19, 2011

fEARful and BFM Designs.

So as noted is my last blog,  I have a new designer on line.  Greenboy has taken bass guitar cabs to a new level with his direct radiator designs.  High fidelity, almost a home audio aesthetic in approach.  Attention to the minor details that make the difference between good and great performance.  Shrugging off the traditional bass cab designs that dominate the guitar world.  Much like Bill has done with the BFM horn loaded designs with PA boxes and his own bass cabs.

They've both taken full advantage of the changes in driver technology over the last few years.  Major improvements that allow smaller, lighter, more efficient cabs.  On the PA side, you see this kind of technology in the high end pro audio boxes.  On the guitar/bass side, not so much.  Especially guitar players.  The only reason a 4x12 exists in it's format is because Leo Fender and/or Jim Marshall figured out the smallest box they could cram 4 drivers into.  Fundamentally for sound it's all wrong.  BTW, if you're a guitar player, take a look at Brian Gray's new amplifier line.  No compromise, no shortcuts

I've been spending lots of time thinking and working on various stuff with all the cabs.  Subtle changes that can make differences in the sound, discussing them with the designers (who know a helluva lot more than I).  These guys are pushing the envelope of what's available to the average punter.  And have taken a lot of flak for it, especially Bill.

Two very differing approaches to sound, both based on fundamentals,  updated to reflect what's out there now.  I'm proud to represent both, and assist in getting these out to the world.  And it is the world, the only continent I haven't shipped to is Antarctica.  And that's just a matter of time ;-)

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