Saturday, December 4, 2010


So on black friday I went to Sears to get a big battery charger for the rental store.  Helluva price, 40amp charge 200 amp start, we've needed one forever. 

So I'm browsing around a bit.  Damn them and their bargains.  A dual base 1 3/4 hp router.  There's only one left.  I stare at it for a bit.  I just bought a new Porter Cable router dammit.  I grab the box, just to see the weight.  Next thing I know it's on the floor, open and I'm fondling it.  Nice.  Good feel, great mount.  Not usually a Craftsman fan, but this really has the look and feel. AND IT'S HALF PRICE. 

It was as inevitable as the tides.  I bought it.  It's just sitting in the kitchen in it's VERY nice little black canvas bag, staring at me, begging me to make some sawdust.  To the shop today.  I really don't have a project right now that requires a router, but I'll make up something just so I can try it. 

That's now 4 routers in the shop.  If I'm judicious about what bits I install in them, I may not have to change bits for months!  Just grab another router.  

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