Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Talk about Neglected

Wow, I didn't realize it had been over a month since I added to the blog. 

But the absence has not been in vain.  The custom Eminence project is done.  They will be up on the site next week.  All I have left to do is tweak on the the instructions.
Here's a pic of the 4cuft with an Eminence Kilomax installed.  I think it's a great looking cab.
 If you want to know how it performs, go here, select whichever 18 or 15 suits your fancy and download the file.  Scroll through the file to the 4cuft box, if available for the driver you select, and the specs are right there, courtesy of Jerry McNutt and Eminence.  These cabs are exactly to the spec's listed.  I have inserts to occupy additional space in the cab if the volume is 3.75cuft for example.

There are 4 sizes of cabs.  3 cubic ft, 4 cubic ft, 5 cubic ft, 7 cubic ft, and 9 cubic ft.  The 7 can be a dual driver cab for 15's, the 9 a dual driver for either 15's or 18's.  Prices will be pretty much dependent on what driver is picked out.  As pictured with the Kilomax is pretty much top of the line.   

I have developed much deeper appreciation for Bill during this project.  I didn't even design the cab from scratch, I just set physical parameters to Eminence designs.  And it wasn't easy, thinking about ergonomics, ease of construction, physical strength, parts availability, and numerous other things.  Then writing the plans, and trying to anticipate problems and make them clear.  Hell, these are just plain boxes.  I can't imagine how much time Bill spends writing the plans for his much more complex cabs.    Not to mention the amazing woodworker he must be. 

So will I be switching?  Not a chance.  You'll pry my T39's out of my cold dead fingers before I run 18's.  But different strokes for different folks.  These are easy, fast, and probably perform as well or better than most of the commercial stuff out there.  

So I haven't been slacking.  I even got some paint on the second story of the house.  That's the project from hell if there ever was one. 

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