Saturday, September 25, 2010

Getting back to it

I actually did some speaker work yesterday evening.  Unfrickinbelieveable.  I sprayed the 18" cabs from my last post with some Duratex.  Woohoo.   I should finish that project up Sunday, install drivers and port tubes, make some noise.  I need to test to see if additional bracing is required.  Performance is pretty much a known, they're the volume/port size as specified by Jerry McNutt of Eminence in the design files on the Eminence site.   I'm pretty excited for this project.  They're easy, fast, and versatile.  Between the 5 sizes of cabs I can accommodate every 18 eminence makes, and practically every 15.  Probably about any 18 or 15 out there, but  I ain't going there.  Not answering will this driver work questions.  I sell Eminence.  If somebody wants to put another driver in the cab, it's their baby.

On non audio related notes, one of my non speaker weekends was well spent.  My wife and I went to a non smoking seminar by Allen Carr.  It works.   It works well.  It does make quitting significantly easier. Do you still want to smoke? A bit, but nothing and I mean NOTHING like doing it without.  You get very powerful tools to kill the urge.  I have not had that white knuckle need a smoke AT ALL.  If you've ever smoked and tried to quit, you know exactly what I'm talking about.   I've been smoking since high school, you don't want to know how long and stupid that is.  You still have to want to quit.  If you're not ready to quit, don't bother. And screw the patches, gum, and drugs.  They never came close to working for me.  Why replace one drug with another, or with another version of the same drug. 

Today is day seven.  It's still a fragile thing.  But it is a diminishing need, that is easily dismissed, very fleeting, and becoming very seldom.  It's becoming a forgotten, rarely remembered thing.  I know if I were to start again now, it would be a conscious decision, (a stupid one), a fully aware choice of the decision I'm making.  And that makes it easy not to start again.     


  1. Leland, I feel your "pain" about the quitting smoking! After 37 years for smoking, usually 2 or more packs a day, I quit January 10th, 2010. I woke up that Sunday morning, and my body told me it was time. Keep it up, you can stay a non-smoker. Do more wood-working, or some other hobby (yeah, I know, who has time!) just something you enjoy doing. It will get easier, I promise.

  2. Thanks Ken. Been over a month now. It's been interesting. Whenever you do something for the first time since you quit, it makes you think about a cigarette. Yesterday I worked on closing the pool for the winter. I thought about smoking at various points in the job. It's crazy. But it's not a craving, it's more of a need for completion that cigarettes used fulfill, acting as an endpoint. You finish something, have a smoke.

    Best thing is every time I walk out of a convenience store I just saved $5.