Wednesday, July 28, 2010

To Whom It May Concern

You got me twice before I saw the pattern.  At least I limited the loss to a couple of hundred bucks.  You won't get me again, so stop sending orders.  There's nothing worse than a thief, and considering some of the people I called to confirm the orders, you are scraping shit from a thief's combinet.

1 lady was obviously elderly and in ill health, the other was a card for the man's deceased wife.  The cc companies won't do squat, tried that, but I have every piece of data you've sent me, isp's, the works.  So quit trying.  Ain't happening anymore.  My orders all pass by my eyes before they're processed.  Fuck with me some more at your peril.  I have friends and relatives that are white hat hackers in the corporate world that will track you down in no time. 

1 comment:


    You're just not very good. In 5 minutes I have probably phony names and phone numbers. But the po box matches.
    You were better with this one. But the clue is the real address at the bottom of whois. Sunnyvale again, this time with a real address.

    That was just me. I haven't asked the big boys to look at this yet.