Saturday, July 24, 2010


Been a while since I posted a new blog.  This one isn't audio related per se.  Waaaay too much stuff going on right now.  Business has exploded, work on my house has exploded, one crisis after another, doesn't leave much time for musings on audio. There are at least 3 audio projects I need to finish very badly.   I need a clone.  Maybe 2 or 3.
The biggest crisis has been that two weeks ago my father broke his hip.  He's 88, tough as old shoe leather.  Plays golf every day, still works in the shop, pretty much does what he pleases.  We've been pretty busy with that.

All of my mechanical skills, all of my curiosity about how things work, how to fix things, the drive to be an entrepreneur is all owed to him  So it's payback time.  It might be a while again before I get back to the real purpose of this blog.  Right now life intrudes.  

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